2019 FLORIDA Libertarian Conference

ALL DONATIONS, what ever the amount, are greatly appreciated.

All Hillsborough County, FL Residents that are registered as Libertarian Voters are invited to join us for this IMPORTANT ANNUAL EVENT to grow friendships, discuss current political climate and brainstorm ways to promote liberty in Hillsborough County and within the state of FL.

We are raising money right now to reach out via mailers, radio spots, rack cards, booth fees, and more to invite and encourage each of our nearly 2600 Libertarian Voters in Hillsborough County to come to this large event.  This event includes a Friday evening roast from comedian Lou Perez, and a Saturday evening after party "May the 4th Be With You".   

PLEASE NOTE:   All contributions must be from individuals and NOT a business..   The political contribution regulations require us to collect name, contact info, occupation and employer as well as report  contributions to the LP of Hillsborough County to the State Party and to our local Supervisor of Elections.   

We accept physical donations to our mailbox at 107 N. 11th Street # 724, Tampa, FL  33608
Or via this site on-line. 

There are several panel discussions and speakers that are available al-a-cart tickets or as an inclusive package for all.   You can even purchase meals at each of the speaker events and VIP Tickets to be ensure front row seating to the action. 

Delegates (free) will be able to speak up and impact the LP at the State of Florida Level and represent Hillsborough County. 

YOU CAN REGISTER TO BE A DELEGATE  (for FREE) at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org however we hope that you will consider purchasing either additional a-la-carte speaker presentations or even a VIP ticket including all your meals for the weekend.  These funds support the LP at the state level.

Donate at www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate 

All proceeds support our fundraising initiatives to promote our Positive and Practical Libertarian Principles as we continue to maintain and grow our local party, to support our activists on the street and defend our Libertarian principles at public meetings holding elected officials accountable, support our candidate searching and vetting process to prepare for the next local and state election, and all the overhead and legal cost associated with running a political party that CAN AND DOES make a DIFFERENCE.    Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

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