Liberty Awards Dinner

We’re excited to have you support our 1st Annual Liberty Awards Dinner & Fundraiser! Thank you for supporting the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough Count.  The fundraising goal total on this page includes all the associated expenses for the event plus the goal of raising an additional $5,000 to jump start our next election cycle season of 2019-2020, candidate search, activist support, and all the overhead and legal cost associated with running a political party that CAN AND DOES make a DIFFERENCE.      #TogetherLPHCcan    #LPHillsborough  

All proceeds support our fundraising initiatives to promote our Positive and Practical Libertarian Principles as we continue to maintain and grow our local party, to support our activists on the street and at public meetings where they are defending our Libertarian concepts in real life, support our candidate search and vetting process as we prepare our tickets for the next local and state elections. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!