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Driving the Race to the Winners Circle by Getting Liberty Focused Individuals Serving

Have you become frustrated and disconnected with the political climate today?   Do you believe there is a better tomorrow available for you and those you care about.  Are you sick of listening to the whiners and keyboard warriors.   Are wishing  more WINNERS were stepping up to make a difference?   YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   YOUR $9 monthly contribution will do a major part in making a difference here in Hillsborough County.  Please DONATE today and share this campaign with others who can contribute.

We understand.  Although one could probably get “rich” owning a business that serves the victim mentality today. The victim that desires to be rescued from the knight in shining armor will be forever entrapped to be the “damsel in distress”.    Hillsborough Libertarians are not damsels in distress. We are not whiners We are WINNERS ! We are banding together like never before. We understand that #TogetherWeCan. 

New Leadership     ReNewed VISION      Clear GOALS     

LIBERTARIANS - the fastest growing third party in the USA
FLORIDA LIBERTARIANS - ranked 3rd of the states with the most Libertarians
FLORIDA 2018  - the state with the most Libertarians serving in office HILLSBOROUGH LIBERTARIANS - the county with the MOST REGISTERED LIBERTARIANS in the state of Florida. 

 We are no longer rocking back and forth like a rocking chair.  We are no longer creating a bunch of motion and momentum yet not traveling anywhere.    

WE have swapped our rocking chair in for a RACE CAR !
We are in the race to the winners circle.
We need YOUR $9/mo starting today.

How will we know when we win?   
We are in the winners cicle when our Libertarians are sitting in office, effecting policy change that brings our county, our state, and our country back towards the documents of the founding fathers, back towards the libertarian party platform found on LP.org.   We will know we are in the winners circle when we show up to BOCC Meetings, School Board Meetings, Diversity Councils to City Counsils to speak up for our views and staring back at us from accross the bench are Liberty Friendly Eyes.  People we know we can trust to vote in favor of Libertarian ideas and principles.

We are almost to our next goal of registering 2600 voters as Libertarians in Hillsborough County.   As of April 01, 2019 we were over the 2550 threshold.  THANK YOU !   Yes, it does matter.  When you register as a Libertarian Voter it lets the rest of the team know that you are here and that you have similar beliefs.  We will never agree 100% on everything.  No one expects that from anyone.  

But if you are rooting for our team from the spectator stands and help by simply voting libertarian at the polls - we want to feel your love and support.  

This happens at the race track when we see others wearing "our favorite drivers" jersey and gear.   This happens in politics when you register Libertarian [LPF], share your contact info so we can keep you in the loop, wear our Libertarian gear and of course donate your ideas, your enthusiasm and passion, your efforts, your supplies and your dollars to FUEL our team.  Register Libertarian now  www.VoteHillsborough.org

No ONE PERSON,  not the county party chair or the state party chair; not a local candidate for office or even a candidate for President of the USA can drive this race car around the track on our way to the winner circle without the love, encouragement and support of the fans, without the pit crew to do the work behind the scenes, without the spotters at the corners to watch for upcoming turns and dangers to prepare for, without the sponsors and advertisers with their stickers on the cars and banners on the fences all supporting event after event, without the printed programs and overhead announcers sharing our team's message, without radio/tv broadcasters and writers telling the story of the races as they happen, without the cars, the tires and the tools, training and supplies necessary to keep the race team running and of course the fuel to ignite the engine.  

Our fuel is the dollars you donate each month.   Without fuel, no matter how great everthing else is - our engine can not drive to the winners circle. YOUR $9/month is the FUEL that powers our engine.  Sign up to start your monthly donation today.

Our FUEL comes from YOU !!  

JOIN with us to drive into the winners circle  where people that think #LibertyFirst is more than a hashtag and that #LiveFree is more than a bumper sticker.   JOIN US in effecting change in policies to bring our Hillsborough County FL and beyond   back to the county we love and we cherish once again.   Donate today at    www.LPHC.org
and for only $9/mo
The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL thanks you for your support. 

The Hillsborough Libertarians
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