Grow Gardens Not Government Convention

We hope that you will join us for our festive Networking, Lunch, Speaker, and Award Ceremony and help us to raise funds for next year.   Bring a friend and and save $5.00 on your lunch.
Become a VOTING LPHC Delegate and impact politics locally with the LPHC this year.

                               11:00 - 11:30   Check-In & Networking
                               11:30  -  1:00   Liberty Luncheon:  (Southwest meat & vegetarian options)
                               12:45 - 1:00     Biz Meeting Only Check-In
                                1:00 -   2:30     Annual LPHC Business Meeting

The business meeting portion of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, Florida's Annual Convention is FREE to attend and open to all Libertarian voters [LPF] registered to vote in Hillsborough County, FL.    It is easy to become a voting delegate and have a say and make an impact locally.   

We need 300 Libertarians out of our 3000 Hillsborouth Libertarians to be our Liberty Torch Bearers and donate $9.00/month.  Join your fellow local LPHC Torch Bearers at 

THANK YOU to our SPONSORS for this event:

The Windmill Taphouse 
(facility use and cash bar) 
(Liberty Award support)

Donate a SILENT AUCTION ITEM or become a sponsor for our 2021 Annual LPHC Convention.        email

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