KKFYC 2017 - UNPFII Youth Program

Donate Now to Help Fund KKFYC (Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation Youth Committee) upcoming advocacy work at the UNPFII in New York 

Every year the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation sends a delegate of youths and religious leaders from around the globe, to take part in the United Nation's annual Indigenous People's Permanent Forum where they will learn about the global indigenous issues, connect with NGOs, and advocate on behalf of the voiceless Khmer-Krom, indigenous people of the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam.

By making a donation to the KKFYC UNPFII Advocacy Fund today, you will help sponsor 20 passionate youths for two week rotation at the UNPFII to speak for Khmer-Krom and
*Provide valuable opportunities to young Khmer-Krom people across the world to understand how the UN system works and how they can use it to work for Khmer-Krom rights.
*Sponsors 10 youths rotation week (10 first week, 10 second week)
*Helps pay for accommodation to stay while they work, and network at the UN
*Helps pay for public transportation during the program

Our dedicated group of youths pays for their trips out of their own pocket to seek justice for the voiceless Indigenous Khmer-Krom peoples in the Mekong Delta and its surrounding region. We hope that you would help them out by contributing in any small way you could to support their passion and mission at the UNPFII this year.

As your donations are not tax-deductible, we are grateful for your self-less sacrifice and contribution to this program.


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