Fence Wrap for Privacy and Security

Hi Wilbur families,

Dr. Shirley needs your help. Due to the recent, devastating tragedy in Texas and other schools, many of you have asked about increased security measures at Wilbur. 

To that end, a camera and doorbell are currently being installed in the office. However, Dr. Shirley also would like to put a wrap on the fence around the school (similar to the one on the kindergarten yard) as part of an effort to increase security and privacy. The hope is that this can be installed this summer before the 2022-23 school year starts. See below for an image of what this would look like. 

But we need your help raising the money! The cost of this project will be $35,000. We are asking all Wilbur families to please donate whatever amount you can toward this goal. 

You can donate in one of two ways:

1. Drop a cash or check in the Friends of Wilbur lockbox in the office (checks should be made out to Friends of Wilbur). 
2. Donate online through Member Planet below (please note that fees may apply). 

Also, if anyone is interested in a corporate sponsorship, which would include signage on the wrap, and would like to give a large donation, please contact FOW at friendsofwilbur@gmail.com.

And please spread the word to your family, friends and community. Anyone can donate!

Thank you in advance for your support.

This campaign has ended


Raised so far of $35,000.00 goal