A campaign by Fidalgo PTA 8.2.20

'I Love To Read - 2024' Reading Program

Welcome to ‘I LOVE TO READ - 2024’ a program to help motivate our children to read, keep them reading with new books that are fun and educational, all the while supporting the school. The money collected will be used to obtain books for the students & classrooms, as well as support PTA enrichment programs at Fidalgo Elementary. The students will receive 50% of the money they collect in BOOK BUCKS to be spent on new books of their choosing. The PTA will receive the other 50% to continue their support of all students, through programs including classroom grants and grade-level enrichment. (For example: $40 in donations, gives the student $20 in Book Buck Vouchers and $20 to directly support the PTA.)

Students are ‘challenged’ to read (or be read to) for a minimum of 300 minutes over a 10-day period. Sponsors can include family, friends, and neighbors. For safety reasons we ask that students not go door-to-door to collect pledges.

Thank you for supporting these efforts. We want EVERY student to experience the joy of reading, reaching their goals and to be rewarded with great books for doing so!  And of course, a special thanks for (also) supporting the PTA.

Donations due by March 20th.


This campaign has ended


Goal achieved, but keep on going!