A campaign by Fernwood PTSA 6.10.16

Fernwood Family Care Fund

Together the Fernwood PTSA and Fernwood Elementary School are hosting a "Winter Gift Card Drive" event. 

Fernwood Families who are in need will be able to request gift cards to help with gift purchasing and we will use donations from this drive to fulfill those requests.  Our goal is $25 gift car per child. 

There are two ways to help with this event: 

OPTION #1 Donate $25 Gift Card(s) which must be dropped off at a designated drop-off time. 
Dec 8, 9th or 10th at Supply pick-up 11:20-12:20pm
Dec 11th 3-5pm @Fernwood Loop
Dec 15th 5-7pm @Fernwood Loop
Please let us know how many gift cards and which day you will drop off your donation. We are ONLY accepting gift card donations via these dop off times for ease of tracking.  If you would like to donate an amount other than $25 please use this form. 
Donate money for our committee to purchase the gift cards by completing this form to contribute any amount.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Donation deadline is Wednesday Dec 16th.
Any donations that are in excess of what we need for this event will remain in the Fernwood Familiy Cares fund until June for future needs.

Following the 2020-21 school year any remaining funds will be donated to the
Skyview Middle School PTSA Food Pantry. 

This campaign has ended