Giving for Growth - Support the Evergreen Primary PTSA

Supporting the PTSA is an investment in our children's future and the success of our Evergreen community. Your contribution directly impacts the quality of education and support our students receive. Your generosity funds essential programs, enriching experiences, and valuable resources that might not be covered by the regular budget.

By donating, you help us create a nurturing and inspiring learning environment, empower our dedicated teachers, and provide unforgettable moments for our students. Your support is the driving force behind our PTSA's success.

Our PTSA members are all volunteers; none receive salaries or payments for their services. Your donations go toward:

School Events - Exciting student events and activities such as Winter Workshop, Field Day, Color Run, Trunk or Treat, Science Fair, Family Fun & Movie Nights, Book Fair, Popcorn Fridays & 4th Grade Moving on Ceremony.
School Upgrades - Classroom resources like books, equipment, and technology. Over the last few years, we've provided all new whiteboards for classrooms, the rainy day recess cart, playground equipment, library books & PE equipment.
Staff Support - It's important for us to be able to give back and support the teachers & staff as much as we can! Each year we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by providing a special something to each individual daily, we fulfill Amazon wish lists for their classrooms as well as provide a grant for each teacher to spend as they need.

Your contribution plays a crucial role in shaping a brighter, promising future for our children. Join us today in making a positive difference in the lives of our students. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or simply spread the word, your involvement is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!


This campaign has ended