A campaign by Edmonds PTA 7.2.37

PTA Orca-thon 2022

The Edmonds Elementary PTA “ORCA-thon” provides much needed funding to support our school community and relies on this ONE-TIME fundraiser in place of multiple fundraising activities throughout the year to supplement the basic budget provided by the school district.
Due to budget cuts and reduced support from the district and state, these supplemental PTA funds make up a crucial portion of the total general supply budget for the school.
Your one-time, tax deductible donation helps fund:
-Classroom supplies and supplemental student copy budget
-Classroom learning enhancements as requested by teachers
-Safety patrol and WATCH D.O.G.S. programs
-Emergency shed supplies
-Family support programs
This chart show where the majority of your donation goes. Given this year's vast changes, we know things will be different. Our emergency shed will need even more restocking when we get back in the building. Our teachers may choose to not use their funds for the classroom, but rather to send supplies home to students. Paper copies may be in even more demand, as we work to make learning equitable for all students.
Orca-thon funds breakdown

This campaign has ended


Raised so far of $10,000.00 goal