2021 Burwell-Morgan Mill "Flume"raiser

Last year, CCHA launched the Burwell-Morgan Mill Sponsorship drive which raised $24,740 to help meet our budget shortfall due to the effects of COVID-19.  These funds allowed us to keep the Mill operational during a difficult year.

The Burwell-Morgan Mill again needs your help.  We recently learned that our flume, the 22-foot long wooden structure inside the Mill that feeds water onto the water wheel, must be replaced at a cost of $64,000.  The flume and beams that support it are starting to buckle to the point that the support beams touch the flume itself.  Because of this, we cannot operate the water wheel or power the mill stones.  If the condition of the flume persists, it could collapse into the wheel well, causing severe damage to the water wheel and prohibiting the Mill from operating for a sustained period of time.

Please help us get the water wheel turning again by making a tax-deductible contribution at one of the giving levels below.  All funds donated to the Burwell-Morgan Mill "Flume"rasier will go directly towards the removal and replacement of the flume. We hope to have the flume and support beams replaced so that the Mill can begin operating for the Fourth of July weekend.  Until then, we will not be able to grind grain.  All contributions are greatly appreciated!
$5,000 (Legacy Stone)
$2,500 (Water Wheel Sponsor)
$1,000 (Hopper Sponsor)
$500 (Wheat Stone Sponsor)
$250 (Corn Stone Sponsor)
Thank you for investing in Clarke County’s history! Contributions to the Burwell-Morgan Mill Flumeraiser will allow us to keep the water wheel turning, and the Burwell-Moragn Mill operating.  Stock transfers are also accepted.

Many thanks to our 2020 Burwell-Morgan Mill Sponsors. Your contributions were greatly appreciated.

Water Wheel Sponsor
Michael Perry

Hopper Sponsors
Mrs. Beverly Byrd and Mr. Keith Harrington
Millwood Community Association
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Talley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Yanucci

Wheat Stone Sponsors
Mr. and Mrs. H.K. Behnham III
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Brown III
Dr. Belinda Burwell and Mr. James Klenkar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew U. Ferrari
Will Robinson
Dr. Page Jones and Mrs. Diane Sheehey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McIntosh
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Means
Mr. Oliver North
Laurie Volk
Beth Anne Wilson

Corn Stone Sponsors
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Barb
Mr. and Mrs. Alain Borel
Mr. and Mrs. Childs Burden
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Lionel Chisolm
Mr. Forrest Patrick Clay
Mr. Peter Cook
Kevin Craemer
Dr. Laura Dabinett and Dr. Russ McKelway
Mr. and Mrs. Coe and Marie Eldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Kincannon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lesman
Ms. Judy MacDonald
Mrs. Winkie Mackay-Smith
Juliet Mackay-Smith and Mr. Charles Gobin
Anne McIntosh
Col. [Ret.] and Mrs. Lester McConville
Mr. Norman deVere Morrison and Family
Ms. Mary Mulvey
Dr. James Myslik
Mr. Bryan B. Plater
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Porter
Nancy Ramsey
Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Reuling
Mr. Will Robinson
Terry Schafer and Robert Johnson
Mr. John Staelin and Elizabeth Locke
Sidney Stern
Mr. E. Hawley Van Wyck III
Edward A. Lee and Monica Villegas
Rick Wallace and Timothy Harvey
Mr. Rupert Werner
Debora Williams
Ms. Sylvia J. Wilson
Mr. John Wilson

Many thanks to our additional sponsors:
Ann Finch
Mrs. James R. York
Mr. Winslow McCagg
Dr. David Connolly, Jr.
Mr. John W. Dresely
Mr. Richard W. Hedges
Kate Petranech
Ms. Sara McIntosh Stern
Mrs. Vaughn Clatterbuck
Harriet and David Condon

Mr. David Martin and Mr. Stuart Kurlander
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Milleson
Mr. and Mrs. John Schutte
Mr. and Mrs. John and Roma Sherman
Ms. Alison Teetor
Dr. Anthony Viti and Mrs. Tammy Viti
Mr. Todd Woodfield
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Joyce
Mr. Plater Robinson
Ms. Robin Short


This campaign has ended


Raised so far of $64,000.00 goal