A campaign by Clan MacAlister Society

Support the Clan MacAlister Society (CMS)

We ask you to seriously consider CMS when deciding which charities to contribute to this year, and here is why:

  • It is a goal of CMS to continue to improve the quality and quantity of the type of educational materials that we distribute at the more than 50 and climbing Highland Games and Clan Gatherings we attend each year;
  • It is a goal of CMS to provide additional assistance to the Clan MacAlister Charitable Trust and the Clan MacAlister Centre at Glenbarr Abbey;
  • It is a goal of CMS to establish a Scholarship Grant Fund for the children of Clansmen and the Scottish Community who are going to be students of higher learning;
  • It is a goal of CMS to continue to expand the level of support we give for our Commissioners who distribute most of our educational materials and teach Clan history and culture to Clansmen and the interested public.

These are just a few of the projects that we are planning.  However YOUR financial support is key to CMS being able to serve our Clansmen at even this level.


This campaign has ended