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Clan Guthrie-USA may be thought of as the focal point for Guthries to communicate with each other and as the organization to represent the Guthrie name in the Scottish family of clans and societies which are active all over the world. Clan Guthrie-USA recognizes the existence of natural family clusters formed through blood relationships and close family traditions. It is not the intent of Clan Guthrie-USA to dilute these natural blood relationships. Rather, it is the purpose of Clan Guthrie-USA to promote an awareness of our expanded family of Guthrie cousins. The Scots are noted for their hospitality. Hospitality between cousins is a natural and basic human characteristic. Families are strong social units because they care for each other. The objective of Clan Guthrie-USA is no different; through our organization, we seek to perpetuate our natural bonds of camaraderie. Clan Guthrie-USA, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization dedicated to the promotion of family heritage and fellowship amongst Guthries everywhere. The objective of Clan Guthrie-USA is to serve the Scottish cultural interests of its membership through services, activities, events, and charitable endeavors, including support and patronage for Friends of Guthrie Castle, Inc., a non-profit organization incorporated in 1981 and dedicated to the preservation of the Guthrie Castle and its artifacts. Please donate to the Clan so we can continue to provide you the services we have to offer!



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