Sail Haven Fund 2023

Sail Haven is a newly formed program at Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc. ("Canal Dock"), a New Haven-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Canal Dock operates a community-oriented, waterfront boating and events center and Sail Haven is our newest program!

Several years ago, it struck a group of local sailors that the residents of the New Haven area should have access to a community boating program. As a result the Sail Haven Program at New Haven's Canal Dock Boathouse is opening this summer, May 2023, with a fleet of boats, maintained by volunteers and a small staff of professional Instructors and Dock Masters.

Please help support community sailing in New Haven by making a donation today. A conribution to Sail Haven will help to support the purchase of essentai equipment and will support us in staffing the program, ensuring the saftey of all who participate.


This campaign has ended