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Arrowspike 2022 Donation Page

Arrowspike is a massive, Greek row-wide volleyball tournament in which USC fraternities and other student organizations are invited to compete against one another for bragging rights and, most importantly, to collect entrance fees that go directly to benefit the Pi Beta Phi Foundation, an international organization focusing on literacy and providing educational resources to communities in need. With our Read > Lead > Achieve® initiative, Pi Beta Phi has impacted over one million lives since 2013 and has donated over 3.5 million books to children and communities in need since 2007. 
To further drive Arrowspike’s philanthropic success, we also solicit individual donations outside of the athletic event. Donations this year are even more important since we have not been able to hold our philanthropy events for the past year due to the pandemic, so we hope you will consider supporting this worthy cause.

This campaign has ended