Building Bridges South Africa Start-up Campaign

Dankie! Ngiyabonga! Enkosi! Thank you!
Our goal is $30,000 (USD). Will you help us get there?

Start-up funding in South Africa is nearly non-existent. Building Bridges is being built FOR AND BY the community of Bellville South. At Building Bridges, we aim to obtain as much social funding as possible to run our programs. An increase in personal donations allow for the autonomous grassroots, human rights, and social justice aspects of our work - for and by the community of Bellville South.

About Building Bridges
Building Bridges is an after-school non-profit company (NPC) that provides psychosocial, educational, and skills-based support to youth facing extreme poverty and a lack of community programming in Bellville South, South Africa.

Why Building Bridges?
It is safer in Bellville South than some nearby townships, but getting through day-to-day life is hard and dangerous for many in our community. A majority of our residents are battling poverty, unemployment, and various other socio-economic hardships. There are significantly high rates of TB, HIV/AIDS, and addiction to TIK (methamphetamine). For migrants, structural xenophobia has unfortunately caused highly violent and combustible conditions.

Our young people have a tremendous amount to teach the world and they have done a great deal to improve their communities in our young democracy. They have familiarity with public health challenges, social reconciliation, entrepreneurship, music, art, sports, and so much more. They are the future of our nation, which gives us a great deal of pride.

We also know our young people are hurting. The extreme nature of poverty in our community, along with the trauma of Apartheid, has had a bruising effect on our youth. Many of our young people are head-of-home with parents lost to illness or substance abuse. Substitute “family” can often be found in gangs. Unemployment is high and racial prejudice is still present.

Building Bridges is unwaveringly committed to replacing hopelessness with hope, happiness, and triumph. We need the support of loving folks like you to do this work.

Building Bridges will provide the only free after-school program in Bellville South!

Our Timeline
We would like to raise all funds and open our doors by July of 2019. During 2019, we will be working hard at obaining sustaining funds via grants. Obtaining one year of funding allows us to get started, obtain data about our progress, make needed changes, and become an even stronger program moving forward.

Why We Care

Our staff is from the community. Our lives our all intertwined with the people of the community. They have given so much to all of us, including supporting hundreds of American university students learning abroad, without pay. The community understands their own needs, they know how to fix many of the challenges in their community; they simply need the tools, space, time, and support that we can offer.


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Raised so far of $30,000.00 goal