BCGC Inc. and Camp Fickes Shooting Range LLC. Construction Project

Buffalo Creek Gun Club, Inc. (BCGC) is raising money for a cause we care about; educating the Public Shooter on safe fundamental handling of firearms and providing a safe, clean, beautiful, outdoor environment to practice the use of firearms. We need your help to reach our goal to build a Pistol Bay Complex consisting of nine bays, a Training Class-room and ample parking in the Pike National Forest near Bailey, Colorado.
We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization, so your donations are considered Tax Deductible by the IRS.  Our Tax EIN will be provided during the transaction process and through your confirmation email.
Estimated Cost: $100,000

Please become a supporter AND follow our progress, come out to our range to shoot with us, and share with your friends.

Our Levels of Donations & what you get besides the Tax Write-Off:
     $35K Club Member -- LIFE Membership in BCGC & NRA; your sole SPONSORSHIP (large sign) in THREE Bays; Maximum of $5,000 toward a Volkmann Precision
                               1911 Pistol, custom made to your specifications (limited).

     $25K Club Member -- LIFE Membership in BCGC & NRA; your sole SPONSORSHIP (large                                           sign) in TWO Bays.
     PLATINUM-- 15 Year Membership in BCGC & NRA; your sole SPONSORSHIP                                                                         (large sign) in ONE Bay.
     GOLD -- 7 Year Membership in BCGC & NRA; Large Banner in shared Bay.
     SILVER -- 2 1/2 Year Membership in BCGC & 3 Year Membership in the NRA.
     BRONZE -- 1 Year Membership in BCGC & NRA
     ALUMINUM -- 6 Month BCGC Membership
     COPPER -- BCGC T-Shirt & 10 Pistol Entry Fees of your choice
     NICKEL --  BCGC T-Shirt & 5 Pistol Entry Fees of your choice
     IRON -- Name on the DONOR'S List; helping to maintain our 2nd Amendment Rights; & help in                                   maintaining this website.
We shoot the following types of Matches at our range:  High-Power Across the Course Competition; 600 yd Midrange Prone w/F-Class; .22 Bench Rest Rifle Competition; Steel Challenge Pistol/.22 Rifle Competition; and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Competition.

If you have questions about anything concerning the Club or Range, please contact:

Owen Maddox
President, BCGC
C:  720-250-6075



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Goal achieved, but keep on going!