Buffalo Creek Gun Club, Inc. (BCGC) is raising money for a cause we care about; educating the Public Shooter on safe fundamental handling of firearms and providing a safe, clean, beautiful, outdoor environment to practice the use of firearms. We need your help to reach our goal to build a Pistol Bay Complex consisting of nine bays, a Training Class-room and ample parking in the Pike National Forest near Bailey, Colorado.
P.S.  If we fail to complete the Pistol Bay Complex by the end of 2020, your donation will be refunded, assuming you want the donation returned.

We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization, so your donations are considered Tax Deductible by the IRS.  Our Tax EIN will be provided during the transaction process and through your confirmation email.
Estimated Cost: $150,000

Please become a supporter AND follow our progress, come out to our range to shoot with us, and share with your friends.

Our Levels of Donations & what you get besides the Tax Write-Off:
     $25K Club Member -- LIFE Membership in BCGC & NRA; your sole SPONSORSHIP (large                                           sign) in TWO Bays.
     PLATINUM -- $10,000 -- 15 Year Membership in BCGC & NRA; your sole SPONSORSHIP                                                                         (large sign) in ONE Bay.
     GOLD -- $5,000 -- 7 Year Membership in BCGC & NRA; Large Banner in shared Bay.
     SILVER -- $2,500 -- 3 Year Membership in BCGC & 3 Year Membership in the NRA.
     BRONZE -- 1 Year Membership in BCGC & NRA
     ALUMINUM -- 6 Month BCGC Membership
     COPPER -- BCGC T-Shirt & 10 Pistol Entry Fees of your choice
     NICKEL --  BCGC T-Shirt & 5 Pistol Entry Fees of your choice
     IRON -- Name on the DONOR'S List; helping to maintain our 2nd Amendment Rights; & help in                                   maintaining this website.
We shoot the following types of Matches at our range:  High-Power Across the Course Competition; 600 yd Midrange Prone w/F-Class; .22 Bench Rest Rifle Competition; Steel Challenge Pistol/.22 Rifle Competition; and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Competition.

If you have questions about anything concerning the Club or Range, please contact:

Owen Maddox
President, BCGC
C:  720-250-6075





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