Recognize and Remember Your Colleagues at the BSA Annual Meeting

Sponsoring the BSA Annual Meeting has always been a potent way for vendors and allied organizations to reach their audience while also supporting bibliography. That remains true this year. At the same time, we’d like to offer a new reason to support the upcoming Annual Meeting: to recognize someone’s hard work, or to remember someone we lost.

The pandemic has profoundly changed how many of us work and live. Circumstances have compelled us to adapt and persevere like never before. We’ve learned new skills at breakneck pace and balanced extraordinary demands on both our time and our spirits. Many have shouldered an urgent reckoning with systemic inequity, one that requires an ongoing commitment from us all. Consider this an opportunity to acknowledge one whose labor this year deserves recognition. Consider this also an opportunity to remember someone we lost this year who inspired you, or made important contributions to the bibliographical community not just in 2020, but anytime.

The option to recognize or remember someone will include a photo of your choice—of the individual, or perhaps of a meaningful book or object—plus a brief tribute of your own composition (limit 334 characters). If the suggested $175 donation is too great a burden, consider assembling a group to support the sponsorship. We can scarcely imagine a better time to work together.

The deadline for acknowledgment sponsorships is January 22, 2021.