Jinyoung Birthday Project - Under The Same Sky

To celebrate B1A4's leader's birthday, BIU is proud to announce that we will be running a campaign to raise awareness of bullying in South Korea. More children and adults are suffering from bullying and cyber-bullying every day, from high schoolers to idols themselves. So let's join our strength and fight against this as Jinyoung and B1A4 did in the past.

Bullying is a very large problem in South Korea, especially school and cyber-bullying.  Currently, other than government-funded assistance programs, there are no non-profit organizations that are aiding or assisting in the awareness of this problem.  By helping with this campaign, we hope to improve awareness and provide support to the victims of bullying in South Korea.

The first part of this campaign will run from the 18th November 2016, 00:00KST to the 26th November 2016 00:00KST on Instagram.  To participate, send an Instagram picture of your sky along with a message against bullying, or a support message to victims, while using the following hashtags:  #UnderTheSameSky #HappyJinyoungDay  #BIU.  Don't forget to also give the country you are from in the picture description. 

BIU will also raise funds through MemberPlanet, Fanmaum, and through our website to finance a city-wide ad campaign. This campaign will exhibit some of your sky pictures with a message to expand awareness of bullying and support the victims as well as provide phone numbers to call for support.  Let's show Jinyoung the beautiful skies around the world while helping people that suffer from bullying every day.

Thank you, BANA!

This campaign has ended


Raised so far of $2,000.00 goal