A campaign by Arrowhead PTA 6.10.5

School Supplies Spring Fundraiser

Arrowhead PTA is raising money to fund school supplies for every Arrowhead student for the 2021-22 school year. The suggested donation is $25 per student. You are welcome to donate more to sponsor supplies for additional students in our community.

Key benefits of this campaign:

  • Providing school supplies will ensure that every child has equitable access to the supplies they need to start in Fall 2021.
  • Caregivers will not need to source supplies for the next school year.
  • Bulk purchases take advantage of volume discounts to get supplies at great prices. The average cost, when purchased in bulk, is anticipated to be just $25 per child.
  • Kits will be created to ensure that no matter what our status is (in-person, hybrid, remote), the supplies will be easy to distribute

Additional information:
  • 2020-21 school supplies were paid for by SEC and the school. The school funding is no longer available.
  • 100% of your donation will be directed to school supplies. However, if the amount fundraised exceeds the final cost of supplies, the excess will be donated to the Northshore Schools Foundation to benefit other children in the district in need of school supplies. 
  • This plan will require a small number of volunteers (one per grade) willing to put together kits outside, masked and distanced this spring / summer. Please include a comment with your donation if you'd like to volunteer.

Thank you!

This campaign has ended


Raised so far of $10,000.00 goal