The Adipose Pledge

On April 11th, 2014, the Native Fish Society is holding it's annual gala under the big top at Montgomery Park in Portland, Oregon. 

The Three Rivers Sportsman's Alliance plans to protest the Native Fish Society eventTheir board members have said this protest "is the single most important event of the year for Oregon sport fisherman." 

We (a non-affiliated group of wild fish advocates) tend to disagree. 

So here's another chance to SUPPORT the Native Fish Society and stand in solidarity with wild fish and wild rivers, and take The Adipose Pledge.

Three Rivers Sportsman's Alliance expects they're "going to have a couple of hundred people there," so let's take this opportunity to pledge for the protesters and show Native Fish Society we've got their backs.

$1 = 1 protester with donation levels starting at $10. (see the right-hand sidebar options)

All funds will be delivered to the Native Fish Society at their banquet. 

Questions? Email us.


This campaign has ended