Blakes Mead Community Association

Bognor Regis, West Sussex

The principal aim of the Blakes Mead Mead Community Association (BMCA) is to cultivate and encourage an inclusive community spirit and to represent the interest of all residents of Blakes Mead.  We endevour to encourage respect and responsability for each other and the local enviroment in all we do.

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Phase Coordinators
Phase 1: Michael Fryatt & Brian Rutland
Phase 2: Vacant
Phase 3: Richard Brownlow Davies & Carol Witney
Phase 4: Vacant
Phase 5: Guy Ashby

Bartley Management have advised that the annual accounts for Lillies Hill Development are available - copies available from

Benefits of being a member

Discounts services from local companies

Extra Support with Neighborhood Issues
If you notice any issues or problems that affect us all as a community the BMCA may be able to assist by providing advice or support in resolving your issues and answering your questions.   

Being a Part of Your Community
By becoming a member, you are making yourself an integral part of our community. This means that you have an active voice in actions and can potentially be a part of many positive changes for our community.  Want to see more social events?  Volunteer to head up or become a phase co-ordinator, or a committee member of the BMCA or one of its a sub-committees.  Is there one issue that you notice?  Notify us or speak up at the next BMCA members forum.  If are a member of the BMCA, so be sure to make your voice heard.

Property Values
An active and well supported BMCA will ensure Blakes Mead is coveted place to reside, which directly increases your property values

Contact us

Blakes Mead Community Association
Blakes Mead

Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 8FG