Circle of Ancient Sisters

Olive Hill, Kentucky

We Are A Non- Profit Religious and Educatinal Pagan Organization.. 
Circle of Ancient Sisters is a re-constructional Kemetic Group. We follow and practice the ways of the first ones, the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt (Kemet), with emphasis on Egyptian Magic   We operate a Magazine, A Radio, and Digital Tv
?Not a Kemetic Practitioner, no problem - Under Houses of Kemet, any tradition is welcome. 
As  A  Community Aide Network, we operate Food Banks, Homeless shelters, and religious temples in 38 countries. We also assist other smaller pagan covens, groves, and groups with organization and 501 c 3 blanket coverage as a charter organization.

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. Dedicated to education of spirit and mind. We follow the path of the old ones in bringing peace and harmony into a chaotic world. We operate temples, groves, circles, and covens in 38 countries
Publishers of The Witch's Brew Magazine, Directors of The Cauldron Radio and Fringe TV.You are invited to become a member, become clergy, start your own group or join as an existing group. Our sites are:


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Hemet Netjeri Ma'at
110 Lillian Ave

Olive Hill, KY, 41164