Thule AB Club

Thule, Dundas

TOW Club Facts

The furthest north USAF Consolidated club, the TOW Club is located north of the Arctic Circle, in Thule Greenland.

With unrivaled picturesque vistas and seasons based on how long the sun is (or isn't) above the horizon, Thule is a place unlike any other.

The TOW Club serves as the best (only) venue in town to go out, relax, and make friends. So whether you're in the mood for an excellent meal, some drinks with friends, or just to lose to the cops at bingo yet again, come on down to the TOW Club.

FOOD - Hours of Operation
Monday Closed
Tuesday 1700 - 2100
Wednesday 1700 - 2100
Thursday 1700 - 2100
Friday 1700 - 2100
Saturday 1700 - 2100
Sunday 1700 - 2100

BAR - Hours of Operation
Monday Closed
Tuesday 1700 - 2200
Wednesday 1700 - 2200
Thursday 1700 - 2300
Friday 1700  - 0200
Saturday 1700 - 0200
Sunday 1700 - 2200

We're happy to have you!

Weekly Recurring Specials

Tuesday - Taco Specials (1700-1900)
Wednesday - Wing Specials (1700-1900)
Thursday - Bingo Lunch Buffet (1100-1300)
Friday - Bingo Lunch Buffet (1100-1300)
Friday - Friday Night Bingo (2000)
Saturday - Karaoke (2200-0200)
Sunday - Beer Pitcher Specials and Darts (1700-2100)

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Air Force Club membership is a tradition. It’s where airmen learn the culture, NCOs practice it, officers teach it, civilians share it and retirees preserve it.

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Contact us

TOW Club
Building 236

Thule, Dundas