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  • Start accepting donations in minutes

    Pre-made templates for every type of fundraiser get you from start to finish in no time
  • Secure & hassle-free payments

    Built-in payment processor saves you set-up time and keeps your funds safe
  • Lean cost structure

    5% + $0.30 includes ALL merchant and platform fees - consider those savings our donation to your cause!
  • Get the word out

    Easy social sharing options and custom email campaigns unleash your viral potential
  • Captivate with mixed media

    Stream videos and post photo albums to liven up your campaign page
  • Engage and recognize

    Interactive details like the goal meter and comment feed make your campaign come alive for visitors

More features to make your campaign great

  • Recurring payments & pledges

    Increase giving with recurring payments and monitor scheduled payments & pledges on your live reports.
  • Go mobile

    Scan your donors card to process their gift in person at your next fundraiser. All you need is our free app and your phone’s camera - no peripherals required!
  • Photo albums

    Shared albums are a great way to engage your donors and to show them the impact of the campaign afterwards.
  • Record offline payments

    Receive a donation in cash or check? No problem - you can still add the gift to your campaign to track the progress on your page.
  • Email campaigns

    Send a customized thank-you email to each donor; add them all to a list for sending campaign updates to keep them engaged
  • Fundraiser pages

    Your fundraiser can create their own personalized pages to help the cause and fuel a little healthy competition
  • Branded donation form

    Customize your form with your own colors, images and fields to collect more information.
  • Control your progress meter

    Adjust the amount raised shown on your page, e.g. 5% of donations go towards operating costs or to cover the cost printing t-shirts for your run/walk.
  • Membership database

    Track your members’ engagement to better target communications and craft your campaigns
  • Real-time reporting

    Get up-to-the-minute updates from your online payment reports and automated email alerts

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