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 ​Official publication of the San Francisco Archers
​February 2022
Board of Directors

Jim Robison

Vice President:
Nolan Encarnacion

Amber Adams

Lori Talo

Range Captain:
Allen Evangelista

Bill Talbott

VP Hunting:
Arturo Cerda

​Score Keeper:
Linda Lafond

Jack Rauch

Board Member:
Cathy Robison

Board Member:
Jesse Saldajeno

Board Member:
Jim Volker

Board Member:
Kin Shew

Board Member:
Sean Marchetti

Cabin Fever Shoot
Jim & Cathy Robison
Lori Talo
Allen Evangelista 
Jack Rauch
Bea Gambony
Miguel Ignacio
Bill Talbott
Regan Lum 
Nolan Encarnacion
Mary Palad
Tim Lum
Amber Adams
Linda Lafond
Jesse Saldajeno
Clayton Jolley Neal Solloway
Dennis Milton
Chris Miller
Erik Huynh
Blair Erickson
Claire Florico
Paul Williamson
Carolyn Milton
Michael Cofman
Allen Holsworth

Upcoming Shoots
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Website & online questions, comments and feedback, email: 
Tricia Porter

Ken Brown Memorial Cabin Fever Shoot
"Having Fun With Bows and Arrows"

Ken Brown had long been a member of SFA when I joined the club in 1995 and I soon learned why his archery knowledge and generosity made him such a respected person. One SFA member told me that Ken owned the Pacifica Archery Shop on Paloma Blvd. and as  a freshman in hight school he would stop by the shop almost every day and ogle and handle the bows, none of which he could afford to buy. One day Ken handed him the bow he most desired and told him he could buy it for several dollars. When the boy protested, Ken told him to stop in from time to time and pay him a dollar when he could and the bow would eventually be paid off. The young man never forgot this act of generosity. Ken did something similar for an eighth grade student of mine named Gabriel from Westborough Middle School. I taught Gabriel how to shoot but he could never afford a bow and then, one day, Ken handed him a bow and said to him, "Please accept this bow as a gift. It is your to do with as you please as long as you keep shooting. But if you ever stop shooting you cannot sell it but must return it to me." Gabe is a college graduate now and still shoots the bow. Frequently, Ken would bring groups to the range from The Church of the Highlands for an afternoon of shooting and at the end of the sessions Ken would set out balloons and targets so the groups could participate in a friendly competition. You would not believe the joyous shouts and laughter that popping a couple of balloons can generate. When things got especially raucous, Ken would shout out, "Are we having fun with bows and arrows?" Sadly, Ken passed away in 2008. I can still hear his voice.

On January 19, San Francisco Archers held its first Ken Brown Memorial Cabin Fever Shoot since the COVID onslaught. Fears of a light turnout were quickly forgotten as over one hundred and twenty archers showed up on a brisk Sunday morning to shoot twenty-eight 3D targets. Archers from many clubs were represented:  Bowhunters Unlimited, Kings Mountain, Predators, Briones, Santa Cruz, Ohlone, Redwood Bowman, and Redding to name only a few. The vast majority of comments I heard were positive and had to do with the fun they were having and how thankful they were to get outdoors and go to a shoot again. Registration went smoothly and the kitchen workers served two delicious meals. The shoot would not have been a success without the hard work of many people and they deserve credit for what they did.  Their names are listed in the sidebar.  SFA made a profit of approximately $1,500.00 on the Cabin Fever Shoot.

Thank you, Ken Brown, and the answer to your question is, yes, we were having fun with bows and arrows, and we still are.

The Bales Were Delivered

On Friday, February 22, Pacific Bow Butts finally delivered one hundred and twenty bow butts to SFA. The bales were delivered to the front parking lot where they had to be unloaded and moved to our storage area by fork lift. Most of the work was done by Jim Robison, Allen Holsworth, and Arturo Cerda but Harry Brown, Allen Evangelista,  Mike Klingler, Jack Rauch and several others lent a helping hand.

Due to increased transportation costs SFA had agreed to pay a surcharge of $450.00 after the bales had been delivered but Pacific Bow Butts sent a bill for $650.00. SFA paid the $450.00 it had agreed to pay.

Some February Board Actions/Information
  • Tricia Porter was approved as SFA's new webmaster.
  • Money was approved for 3D target repairs.
  • ​Money was approved to construct new and more permanent cement and epoxy target markers.
  • Dates and formats for Club Shoots will be announced in March.
  • More materials are needed to repair pot holes in the road.
  • NCFAA Regional Meetings have been defunct for some time and volunteers are needed for officers.
  • JOAD & Outreach sessions will begin in March; see and flyers for more information.
Flu Flu Challenge
This shot was made by Bea Gambony at target twenty-one on the Red Range. It was a 32 yard shot made with a #35 primitive longbow. Can you do better? Send your pictures to Remember, honesty is the best policy.

San Francisco Archers
1 Rifle Range Road
Pacifica, CA 94044
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