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SGMC 2024 Pierogi Dinner Decree from King Charles IV

SGMC 2024 Pierogi Dinner Call to Action:

Hi Guys,

At our meeting last week Friday, I mentioned that we have an enormous amount of work to do in order for our event to be successful. I did not elaborate on the task at hand but below is a chronology of the workflow and the obstacles we face.

Important to note: The school is in session on February 2nd, so most likely we will not have access to set up the tables in the cafeteria before 3:00PM.  That will give us 90 minutes to set up. The following is what needs to be done:

Cafeteria Layout, ​see diagram in OneDrive link:
  1. Move outside all of the children's lunch tables--(NOTE: If it is raining or there is a forecast of rain, we can not put them outside) 
  2.  Sweep floor to remove any paper or spillage from the children lunch periods
  3. Take out (from storage) and set up 30 Round tables
  4. Take out (from storage) approximately 250 chairs and set up around tables (8 per table)
  5. Set up the following stations using Rectangular table:
    • Pierogi Station #2 (1table)
    • Beer Station (2 tables)
    • Coffee/Tea Station (1 table)
    • Dessert Station (1 table)
    • Take Out Station (2 tables)--NOT SURE IF THIS WILL BE NECCESSARY (depends on amount of take out orders we have)
    • Soft Drink Station water/sodas/Iced Teas/Lemonade (1 table) 
  6. Place tablecloths on every table
  7. Set up each table with required items (See attached station breakdown tabs)
  8. Secure Garbage cans with new bags
Kitchen Task: 

Thursday Prep Night
  1. Peel and slice 150  lbs. of Onions
  2. Slice 150 lbs. of Kielbasa (5" long and halved).
  3. Prepare six 400 pans of Sauerkraut for reheating on Friday
  4. Saute onions in advance (for reheating with boiled Pierogies on Friday)
  5. Prepare 3 bus tubs of Coleslaw (for serving on Friday)
  6. Grill 30% of Kielbasa (reheat Friday in Oven)
Friday Show Time - The objective is to have at least 8 pans of Pierogies ready by 5:00PM
  1. Set up Burners (We need three burners Matt Doyle, Kris Knudsen. Pete Mussoni)
  2. Bring down Propane tanks from shed storage (Brandon can you make sure that we have enough full tanks}
  3. Boil Water for Pierogies—This is a big challenge as the water takes approximately 45 minutes to boil, so we need to start this process by 2:00PM 
  4. Butter Pierogies (need to melt butter in advance for buttering)
  5. Start Sauteing Pierogies by 3:00 PM
  6. Start Grilling Sausages by 3:00 PM
  7. Start baking cookies by 3:00 PM
  8. Start warming Sauerkraut by 3:00 PM
  9. Start warming Kielbasa by 4:00 PM
  10. Remove Ice Cream from Freezer and place in Cooler by 3:00 PM

The above is all we have to do (hopefully I did not miss too many other tasks). The most critical area for us is setting up the cafeteria—We will need about 10 guys to get this done on time (FORGET THE SIGN-UP GENIUS FOR THIS TASK).

The starting times in the kitchen are necessary in order to get the food ready by 5:00PM. If you signed up for the early shift in the kitchen, please follow the above timeline.

We know what we have to do, let's do it.

Note: If you have any questions call My, not me


King Charles IV

P.S. Today is Charles and Adlett's 51st anniversary. Congratulations!

St.Gabriel Mens Club
3016 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211
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