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Chautauqua News - April 2017

Chautauqua Keynote: 
"A Place of Remembrance" 

The 9/11 MEMORIAL in NY has quickly become one of the most famous and iconic public spaces in America, honoring the victims and heroes of the attack on Sept. 11, 2001.  Allison Blais, Chief Operating Officer of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, will bring to Chautauqua her first-hand perspective on this prominent site with  "A Place of Remembrance and Resilience."

Allison has worked for 13 years on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site in New York City. She’ll discuss the story of creating the 9/11 Memorial and Museum—from the widespread debate over how to commemorate those killed in the 9/11 attacks through the planning and building of this sacred public space

Allison Blais co-wrote the official book of the 9/11 Memorial and we will have some of these books available to be signed at Chautauqua on Sept. 30. 


Why do we gather?

To meet            To greet
To play             To pray
To sit down     To walk around
To speak up    To sing out
To think           To create        
To see                To listen
To create          To remember
And so much more...

Where do we gather?

In parks             In town squares
In museums      In cemeteries
In libraries       In cafes
In churches      In theaters
In streets           In memorials
And so much more...

Join us this year as we explore:

Why are good Public Spaces  so urgent right now?

What characteristics make  a good Public Space? 

How can good Public Spaces change the nature of a city?

What can we all do to promote more and better Public Spaces?

And so much more....


For the first time since its revival in 2000, the Waxahachie Chautauqua will actually include a program ABOUT CHAUTAUQUA! 

Long-time archivist of "Mother Chautauqua" in NY, Jon Schmitz, will bring the historian's perspective on the Public Spaces of Chautauqua itself - as they began in 1874, how they evolved over time and across the country, and how they still serve today. Of course, we will be especially interested in how our own beloved Chautauqua Auditorium and its grounds fit into this story. 

We will also get to hear about the current controversy about Chautauqua Institution's own renowned Amphitheater in NY which was torn down last fall and is currently being rebuilt- just in time for the summer Chautauqua. Tearing down the "Amp" followed a heated debate, lasting several years,  between "saving" and "rebuilding" this revered Public Space.  


What does it take for a small Texas city to envision the places where its citizens can come together to talk, to walk, to learn, to play -- and then make those places real?  Waxahachie, Texas has turned ideas into plans and now is making those plans tangible – actual trees and benches and playground equipment.  What is that process like and what surprises can delay or alter a plan?

On 9/30/2017,  join Assistant City Manager Michael Scott and the City team at Chautauqua to learn about the experiences and processes that actually create compelling Public Spaces – spaces that we all get to watch transform the city, little by little.


Yes, we will welcome back the Birds of Prey from Last Chance Forever Bird Conservancy in San Antonio. On 9/30/2017, they will again amaze Chautauquans as they demonstrate their hunting and flying skills in the trees in Getzendaner Park.

Will we be sharing our space with these dynamic flyers - or vice-versa?


***Our EVOLVING LINE-UP OF PROGRAMS & EVENTS for Chautauqua 2017

***Progress of our bill in the current Texas legislature 
    to DESIGNATE JULY 26th as "Waxahachie Chautauqua Day" 

***Plans to dedicate the "CHAUTAUQUA GROVE" in Getzendaner Memorial Park

***Upcoming chance for 2017 MEMBERSHIP in the Waxahachie Chautauqua!  
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