Chautauqua News - September 23, 2015
Waxahachie, Texas
Post Your Letters from Chautauqua!

For the first time since the Waxahachie Chautauqua in the early 1900s, you will be able to post a letter from Getzendaner Park. Your posted mail will have a special flight-related Chautauqua cancellation and will be available for 9/26/2015 only. Bring your cards and letters to mail – to your loved one or to yourself!  Or even bring your bills to mail.

In the early 1900s, the park became a little city during the 2 weeks of those first Chautauqua Assemblies.  Along with 100s of tents erected in the Park, one could find a restaurant, a barber shop, a telephone booth, a newsstand, a cold drink establishment, and a Post Office! Since people stayed in the park for 2 weeks, they were able to send their letters and their post cards right from the park.

Greetings, Chautauquans!
"Chautauqua Celebrates Flight"

Opening ceremonies right at 9am!
Kick off the Chautauqua at 9am with music by "Voices of Praise Choir" from the New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Waxahachie. Followed by the traditional Chautauqua "3 taps of the gavel".   

WISD Art Competition winners chosen

"Flight" has been interpreted by art students from Waxahachie high school, middle school, and elementary schools. Winning art will be recognized and displayed at the Chautauqua Saturday.  

Thanks to latest Chautauqua Sponsors!
Citizens National Bank of Texas
Andrew Sambell M.D.
Bobby Dyess, Attorney and Sherry Dyess
The Nay Company, Inc.
Darell  V. Nay
Dallas Cirque Theater
Midway Regional Airport

Interact Club Presents Children's Activities
For the first time, the Chautauqua Exhibit Tent will include a Children's Activity area.  The Waxahachie Interact Club will assist children as they make their very own paper airplane or kite.

Lions Club Provides Food 
The Waxahachie Lions Club will be out in Getzendaner Park all day, bringing hot dogs & barbeque & lots of water and soft drinks to Chautauquans on Saturday. Snow cones too!

Plaque Dedication 
Fri. Sept. 25th
at Midway Airport
A new historical plaque honoring Waxahachie native BESSIE COLEMAN will be unveiled at a celebration at Midway Regional Airport on Friday, Sept 25 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.  Includes music and food! 

This plaque will honor Bessie Coleman's exhibition flight that occurred 90 years ago on Sept. 26, 1925 here in Waxahachie. She landed and took off from what was then Trinity University athletic field.

Want to get involved?  
We would love for you to get involved with next year's Chautauqua!  Help us make the 2016 Chautauqua better than ever. Talk to a board member, email us, or fill a out a form at the Welcome Table on Saturday. 

Chautauqua Preservation Society
P.O. Box 126
Waxahachie, TX 75168
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