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This Month in BioScience

Podcast: Listen to the Latest BioScience Talks Podcast with Dr. Rachel Gittman: Hardened Shorelines Are a Threat to Ecosystems.
Feature: United Nations Seeks to Protect High-Seas Biodiversity
Overview Articles: Why Do the Boreal Forest Ecosystems of Northwestern Europe Differ from Those of Western North America?
Editor's Choice: Ecological Consequences of Shoreline Hardening: A Meta-Analysis
BioBriefs: Gene Tests May Reduce Needless Antibiotic Prescriptions
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Latest AIBS News

AIBS Helping to Improve Peer Review of Interdisciplinary Research: On September 15-16, AIBS’ Dr. Stephen Gallo will participate in a workshop that will explore issues associated with the conduct of peer review on interdisciplinary research proposals. The workshop is organized by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Stephen Gallo is Technical Operations Manager of AIBS Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services program and has conducted research on factors influencing how peer review panels function and how panel dynamics may influence decisions.

Careers in Conservation, Environmental Biology Webinar: On August 31, AIBS convened a panel of individuals who shared their insights about how to build a successful conservation or environmental biology career in the non-profit, governmental, and university settings. The panelist’s presentations were followed by a question and answer session with program participants. Watch the recorded program now.

Presidential Candidates Weigh in on Science: AIBS and other leading scientific organizations called on the U.S. presidential candidates to answer questions about the most important scientific issues facing our nation.  See how they responded.

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Photo Contest: Deadline Approaching for the Faces of Biology Photo Contest.
Ends: September 30, 2016

2016 Council Meeting
Topic: The Role of Peer Review in Informed Decision-making
Date: December 6, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

Professional Development: AIBS Communications Boot Camp for Scientists.
Date: December 7-8, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

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